Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Yippee he is hear Luka what a whopper at 10 Ib 10 ozes ,My poor daughter she really had a bad time bless her but he was worth it .Would you believe it have a cold so cant go over the hospital to see him Bo Ho . I had to laugh all the Nappy's she took in are to small husband had to go out and get the next size

Got to go making lots of baby boy cards Hugs Jean

Monday, 5 March 2012

Nana is waiting

Morning to all my followers well we are still waiting for my Daughters first Baby 9 days over time poor love she is so big cant sit down or lay down she sleeps sitting up I did feel sorry for her
yesterday when she came round never mind it will be worth it .people keep asking me to make them baby cards but still don't no the sex of the baby yet, so having to do both boy and girl cards what am I going to do with all thees baby cards He He,Just love this digi image I thinks its one of Mo;s digi

that's all for now will keep you posted

Hugs Jean xx