Thursday, 9 December 2010

She is so naughty dressing up in her mummy's clothes
This lovely stamp is from the S.W.A.L.K set called Little Madam My family brought me the whole set for my birthday in October haven't had the time yet to use all of them Well my cough is all but gone thank goodness.As some of you no I lost my brother in law last week he was my husbands twin .I need to be well for  the funeral ,which is  to take place next Friday 17th Dec, we have to travel quiet a way as it is in Swindon its about 3hour from where ,I am really dreading it just to see he's lovely family so sad need plenty of hankys ,to take with me
Take care keep warm


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  1. Hi Jean,
    So sorry to hear about your sad loss. Will be thinking of you and your family. I loss my father 3 years ago on Tuesday (14 dec) and he was only 59. So sad at any time, but especially this time of year,
    Sending you big hugs,
    love Vicky xx