Monday, 9 May 2011


Morning all

what a time I have had I just couldn't put any post on my blog some how some of the settings have change had to go to the net to found a solution .lucky enough I have a nother computer by the side of this one so I was able to see what was wrong because I couldn't work out why I could do it on that computer but not on this one,all back to normal now I hope (she says keeping her fingers crossed)well enough of all that .To days post is a booktrex hope you like it I do quiet a few of these as gifts for my Friends

Must go got to get on with some work now

Hugs Jean x


  1. Hello Jean, glad to see your up and running again. Your booktrix is lovely - the flowers are very pretty and the blue and white colours are so fresh looking. Elizabeth x

  2. this is stunning darl... I love the colours... the way its created & the butterflies... its all beautiful ;o) love n hugz Angie xXx